UQ Idea Hub

UQ Idea Hub is a practical, hands-on program that provides aspiring student entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge needed to conceive a startup.

The program is delivered in rounds, with each round running for six weeks. During the program, accepted students will form teams and projects meet weekly to attend workshops on ideation, technology choices, prototyping, market validation, business modelling. These sessions are designed to help progress projects to a prototype stage ready for market testing and validation.

During the six-week program, students will hear from a special group of experienced, guest entrepreneurs who will talk about their own innovation journey, as well as share practical tips for creating and growing innovative products, services and business models.

As part of the program, students will have ongoing, secure access to our co-working space in the Hawken Engineering Building, St Lucia campus, where teams can easily meet, work on their projects together, as well as gain access to a range of drop-in entrepreneurs, academics and active members of UQ’s student entrepreneur club UQIES. These people will be volunteering their time each week to be available for the six-week program to help you with your progress.

If you are accepted into the program, you will be encouraged to think differently, work hard as a team, and pitch your project and your progress at the end of the program. The program is not for course credit, but we promise you it will be a rich and rewarding experience where you will come out with very practical skills.

Program objectives:

  • Create an environment and practices for the extension of learning for entrepreneurially motivated students, outside of normal curriculum
  • Create a cycle of innovation through interdisciplinary ideation, team formation and project work
  • Create a format for engaging with alumni and industry to assist in providing students with real, relevant challenges
  • Develop a reputation for entrepreneurism and innovation, complementary to UQ’s reputation for education and research excellence
  • Attract future students who have a strong desire to excel in education and entrepreneurism
  • Contribute to the creation of high growth, globally focused, new Australian ventures
  • Inspire and excite students to be the next generation of successful Australian business owners and international startup founders

Graduates from the Idea Hub looking for help in developing commercial opportunities will be able to access further advice from Idea Hub mentors and partners.

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