UQ Idea Hub

This workshop contains six hours of content, including user experience design, prototyping, entrepreneurs talks and much more. This program can be delivered in one go or in two consecutive days (three hours per day)..

To organise a visit to your school, please make an online booking, telephone or email us directly:

Please note:

  • The program is partially funded by UQ, but a small fee will be charged to the school/parents. Please email us to know more about our fees.
  • The only entry criteria is for the students to be motivated and keen to participate.
  • The workshops are not catered.
  • After the program we would love to get the students and teachers feedback through a quick survey. In some cases, the workshops would be recorded or photographed for marketing and educational purposes only. In those occasions, the school will be notified prior to the workshop for the release forms to be signed by the parents and custodians.