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A team of UQ Idea Hub alumni are creating buzz on campus with their up-and-coming app, UQU Vibe.

The app has been developed specifically for UQ students and alumni, allowing them to easily find interesting, engaging and fun activities across campus.

Even before launching the app, UQU Vibe has already gathered more than 150 sign-ups and the fan base continues to grow.

The team first met at The University of Queensland’s entrepreneurship boot camp, the UQ Weekend of Startups (UQ WOS), an event hosted by UQ Idea Hub and UQ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Society (UQIES), which saw more than 100 developers, designers, hackers and hustlers respond with creative solutions to the 54-hour student challenge.

Better known as the Vibelabs team, Stuart Earl, Shalutha Kudaudage and David Fong pitched the idea of a centralised events platform specially catering to UQ students and alumni to discover events categorised by interest and location.

Vibelabs took home the UQ WOS Best Business Award and were inspired to continue working on the project.

Chief Executive Officer of the startup, Stuart Earl said the UQ WOS was an eye-opener for him.

“The biggest takeaway from the weekend was understanding the importance of speaking to actual customers before building a product,” said Stuart.

“We did that, and winning the Best Business Award was validation that we’re onto something good,“

UQ Idea Hub Director Nimrod Klayman said that participating in events such as the UQ Weekend of Startups was a great way to gain entrepreneurship skills and meet potential co-founders as people with different talents all come together for these events.

“The UQ Weekend of Startups can be just the confidence booster people need to go on and start their own businesses,” said Nimrod.

“The Vibelabs team is a fantastic example of how young people can make an impact on the communities around them, starting off small with an event like UQ WOS and progressing their business ideas to the next level.

“I’m very pleased to see how much they’ve achieved so far.”

Since UQ WOS, Stuart, David and Shalutha have started their own company, made the final cut as one of the 11 teams selected for the highly competitive iLab Germinate 11 Program, and signed a partnership agreement with the UQ Union, the student body that provides support, assistance and representation to the students of UQ.

The Vibelabs team will be launching the UQU Vibe app at O-Week in February 2018.

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The Vibelabs team comprises of Stuart Earl (CEO), Shalutha Kudaudage (CTO) and David Fong (CMO). For more information, visit www.UQUVibe.com.au

Media: Olivia Adlard, UQ Idea Hub Communications Officer, o.adlard@uq.edu.au, +61 448 581 938

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